Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why I Kinda Like Summer

I am not a big fan of the sun (I am cursed with very fair white skin that burns easily), or the heat that usually accompanies the sun. I am however a BIG BIG fan of water, and summer is the best time to jump in the local river and either swim or raft. I've been doing a lot of both recently, and besides getting burned to the color of a ripe tomato it has been wonderful. :D

I am blessed to live within a tank of gas to as many as three major rivers in Oregon. Last week I went rafting twice, both over 3 hour trips. And so far this week I have been swimming three times, with another planned this evening. It helps that my immediate family has a pool as well as my aunts family. Hopefully I don't get burned out (literally) too soon. I want to enjoy all that this season has to offer!

Why baking is dangerous...

It was late one night (it always seems to happen) and I was hungry (also always seems to happen), so I decided to make biscuits. I preheated the oven and the baking started. When they were done I used a towel to remove the cookie sheet. I was being careful, but this is what happened!!

Stupid oven! Stupid baking sheet! Stupid biscuits! Stupid me and my stupid grumbling stomach!!

*Deep Sigh*