Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer 2011 (so far)

The summer has been FLYING by. Thankfully I have be able to do some fun things to make it count.

My sister Melissa and I went to a Sara Bareilles concert at the Britt Festival last month. It was actually a couple acts, but I bought the ticket for SB. She was amazing. The only thing that was a little disappointing at first, but worked out okay, was that we didn't get there early enough and it was already packed when we finally got up the hill and looked for a seat. It was lawn seating, so we brought a blanket and found a spot almost all the way in the back by a tree. It was a nice night though, and I actually liked being farther back where there was more room to spread out. Plus, we brought binoculars, so we could still see.

Then a few weekends ago, I went up to Portland with my friend Sonya and her boyfriend, Nathan. Nathan had a jujitsu tournament Saturday, and we wanted to visit Amanda and AJ's new house. Amanda, Sonya, and I have been friends since middle school, and AJ is Sonya's brother. I had a great weekend, accept I lost my cell phone in a rest stop bathroom. I know, it was awful. I was so bummed. Still am, since I haven't replaced it yet.

My cousin, Brittney, and I went on a Jet Boat dinner trip last week. My Poppy paid for us to go, which was really great. We had a blast.

This past weekend, Melissa and I went for a 4 mile, 2 hour hike to Rainy Falls. It was great, but brutal. I rarely ever workout, which I should, so I was exhausted by the end of it. Frankly I am surprised I even made it and didn't have to be carried or airlifted back. Then Sunday Melissa and I moved boxes of stuff from my mom's to my apartment. My mom and step-dad are planning on moving, so we have to sort through all the stuff we've been storing there over the years and move everything.

I'm still sore from hiking and moving, but I'm glad I did it all. The summer isn't over yet, and I am still looking forward to doing some rafting!